Monday, November 24, 2008

Just when I needed it most....

Here I am ...back in action. My Internet is ON at the house... im rocking in style with a direct connection to my closest friends...who all live inside my computer.


I just read my fav blog and let me just say if you don't read it... your missing out..

You are remarkable has to be the best site at my lowest moments in life.

I once attended at church that each Sunday the messages touched me in a way...i thought it was GOD speaking directly to my heart. I loved it.

Now this blog... is my light in darkest moments, knowing just what to snap me out of things that go wrong.

I stopped taking my meds. It seemed to keep me down...bottled up with all my emotions tearing me apart little by little each day. Now Im mad a lot. But its good to have emotions that come out instead of eat you alive.

IM BACK...thats right... Here I am....

Im so grateful for the chance to touch the world again.

I won't lie...I so worked my cute twins down at the cable company and got a sweet hookup on the Internet. GO WONDER TWINS....their cute smiles made those people putty in my hands.

But every party comes to a end.. Kaibre started grunting. I tell her no pooping in public...but she went and blew up that poor women's cubical and we got the doors opened for us to rush out of there and leave. Poor lady...her personal space was left with the aroma of BABY CRAP!

It was so bad we had to leave the windows cracked for the 3 mile drive home. Wheww weeeeee. yuck!

Kagan thought it was funny!