Monday, December 29, 2008

Time will not heal all ....

I have been hurt many times. MANY TIMES! But when a best friend and a husband betray you.... no matter how much you want to forgive and never goes away.
How do you love 2 people and they are the ones to distroy all you have left in HOPE and TRUST.
I wish I could let it go. I wish I could forget...but it never goes away. Its always in the back of my mind and pushes forward. I hope in the new year that all of my anger and hurt will just go away.
Live my life for the new and not for the old. I shouldn't even write about this.. I want to let go. But i just needed to say it out loud.

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Becki Stone said...

Honey there are some things in life that we can not forget about no matter how much we want to. At some point you will push that hurt aside, but you will never forget. Its ok not to forget- because everything that happens to us-good or bad makes us who we are. You are a wonderful person, and a wonderful friend. I have to admit trust is very hard for me too. I wish I could trust with my entire soul, but I can't. I've been hurt too many times to count, and I just won't let that guard down... no matter how much I would love to. Know I love you-and if there is anything you ever holler! Ya hear?! :)