Monday, December 22, 2008


I lost my mind! Its offical! I mean it! No kidding this time!
The house can not stay clean, the bills keep coming in, the endless things to do .... and to TOP it all off.. MY KIDS! Shelby and Tristan are very ungrateful kids. They expect the world! I want to give them COAL this year. I mean it! No Santa, no gifts from others. NOTHING! I can not stand that Shelby does nothing BUT LIE TO ME! Daily and with out reason. She will NOT HELP ME to save her life. You have to drill sgt. her to death to make her MOVE and I mean MOVE SLOW ! It crawls all over me how selfish and self centered she is.
Tristan talks to EVERYONE like they are CRAP that got tracked into the house. He has NO RESPECT for OTHERS ! I am so sick of it. He becomes helpless when it is time to clean up.
It drives me BONKERS! I am so over extended..So over stressed! TO CRY would only help a little ..but then I know I have to go back to living my life with THEM!
I never relax, I never slow down and I never have a feeling of Accomplishment. WHICH SUCKS!
On a side note.. when I buy things from people ( ie , craigslist, mommy's groups and so on) they all want me to come to their front door to pick it up. Of course they do, right?
But when I sale something. ... They expect me to deliver it to them. Make things right there when they walk out of their door. WHAT THE HELL?
SOooooo this lady writes me wanting something I am selling on craigslist.
What kind of idiot writes this?
I live in Charlotte can you meet me somewhere between Fort Mill and Charlotte
What is between Charlotte and Fort mill?A STATE LINE! The part where the road changes... the rest stop on either side of the line? What the HELL?
Im sick of it. Plain sick of it.
I need medication for anxiety! My panic, wanting to freak out.. its all taking over my daily life.
I scream, I yell and I am not a good person. If the house is a mess... it runs all over me... I live with the nastiest people on the planet. ughhhh
When the kids DO NOTHING but sit on a pedestal ... I want to kick them off and make them pick up the mess. I can't do it all and not being able to do it all... makes me ill.
I need to learn to relax! I think I need to start drinking some HARD Liquor.
I never did get Christmas cards out. That is like not making Black eyed peas on New years eve. What the hell is wrong me ? I didn't have enough time people... I can't spread out anymore.
I am writing this at work ...and that is VERY VERY BAD !
I run and I run.. and I run and I write myself notes, notes I can't find, I can't remember, I don't know why I am standing in a room, I don't know what I went to walmart for, I don't remember what I was suppose to do... Im going crazy! i know it... When I yell .. Inside I am saying " what are you doing, why are you freaking out? ITS OKAY .. SHUT UP... STOP" But I can't! I keep yelling! I keep freaking out. I want to leave the dishes and hold my babies and love on them. But there is too much to get done! I am missing out and can not stop myself from being so unhappy with the things around me. Its getting worse. I will have a clear thought and remember something and then I hear " MOMMY.... blah blah blah" Then I am back to not knowing why I am standing in my room with a blank face.
The other day, Shelby starts saying something in the kitchen, I can not hear her I say " WHAT?" A zillion times, while my babies are both crying, while I was emailing someone back about picking up or dropping off something for a family in need. While Tristan is asking me something on the side ... and do you know what she wanted?????
She wanted to know.. WHY there was PEPPER in the SALT shaker! OMG OMG OMG
So my life had to stop so I could go in there and hear what she kept repeating over and over that I could not hear. So by then, I HAD LOST IT, MY MIND.. I wanted to cry! But instead ... I yelled at her. I had asked her to help me out...for ONE SECOND. Instead she kept repeating that from the kitchen. She blew up my cell phone the other day when she got out of school. I hung up on her because all I heard was everyone else in the halls. NOT what she was saying. Babies woke up from their naps, Needed to be changed and fed and my hands were full. She kept calling.
I thought to myself...someone better be DEAD!
Finally I pick up the phone and say.. WHAT SHELBY...
She said, I forgot to by a sweatshirt at lunch and they only sale them on Thur. I guess I am going to have to go to the office tomorrow before school starts.
My point is.. THIS COULD NOT WAIT UNTIL she got home in 10 min to tell me?
She needed to call me, no less than 10 times back to back?
Tristan does the same thing to me. But I can't think straight right now to tell you a good story he has done lately. Most of my YELLING to him has been.. DIDN'T I TELL YOU NOT TO DO THAT? WHY DID YOU THROW THAT IN FRONT OF THE FRONT DOOR? WHY IS THERE 10 MUDDY SHOES out here and I JUST TRIP ON THEM HOLDING ALL THIS STUFF!
WHY DID YOU DIG UP TRASH and put it in our YARD?
My nerves are bad. I think it runs in my family.
So I am announcing to the world that I , Maryanne Silvers... I am BROKEN!
Maybe I love being a mother .. .But shouldn't have had any.

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Becki Stone said...

Girl I will tell you right now I don't know how you do it. Heck just the twins alone!!! I wish Shelby would realize what a huge help she would be if she helped out..even a little! I would lay down some rules and if they break them- they lose, tv, video games, cell phone..etc..they are old enough to be responsible for themselves!! Hang in there..and if you need Super Nanny from Ohio I'll come down and whip them into shape...LOL yeah they would look at me and laugh!!!! LOL