Monday, September 08, 2008

Do you know you look like a DORK???

I was sitting at work tonight and thought to myself as I listen to a Sugarland song....Does he know he looks like a dork? I am referring to Kristian Bush. Since the 3rd band member left he just sticks out like a complete dork. Here Jennifer Nettles sings her heart out and sounds great while he stands to the side and rocks his head up and down and plays the guitar. DORK DORK DORK! I love SUGARLAND, but come on .... your just in the back up band Kristian. Seriously.... Jennifer leads the pack and your nothing. You barely ever do back up vocals. The band just seems very unbalanced since the departure of Kristen Hall. Bring back the big girl!!!

1 comment:

Becki Stone said...

I totally agree!!!!!!! It is like they are a duo without the duo!