Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another Random thought....

So I have had a really bad day. I think my after the twins meds just stopped working. My nerves are just tore up by the middle of the afternoon. I just don't feel like myself and more important I don't feel like I could take one more second of certain things.

Back to my random thought...

I love my job. I do it and go home. I mean I would love to be a forensic pathologist. But for many reasons I didn't get to go to school for that. Sooo No dead bodies for me to pick apart.

You know what I was thinking...

No matter how bad your day at work might be... Someone out there is cleaning toliets at a rest stop. NOW that would SUCK to know you were going to work to clean a toliet that many many butts have been sitting on all day. YUCK>

There are many special jobs out there.

People that work at old folks homes...( someone has to wipe old people butt)

People that work on cleaning up dead animals off roadways.( the odor or the bugs ughhh)

People that give pedicures... ( some people have nasty feet )

Prison guards ( never safe and who wants to see that... NOT ME)

My list could go on and on... but right now...I am thinking that has to be the worst job I can think of.

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Southern Plate said...

I had no idea you read my blog you little stinkerhead!!!!!
the babies are gorgeous, so are Shelby and Tristan! When are you having more?????????
~ducks to avoid whatever you are about to throw~