Tuesday, November 04, 2008

........Never let anyone know your full potential

I say this to myself all the time. Never let people know just how wonderful you are at things or they will always expect your best. Giving them your Best here and there makes you seem SPECIAL and REWARDED! But never ever let them see you coming with your best foot first. hahhahahahah

I have always said that to myself about many many things. I just have to have a little giggle inside for that comment. okay a big laugh! hahahhahahaha

On a side note:

I had a friend tell me I was a great " MOTHER " today. I have never thought I was great by any means. I mess up more than I make things right. But it did feel good to know she thought I had it together. I guess being a good mother to me is not being MY MOTHER. I love my mother. But only because she gave me life. Other than that.... it ends there.

I have to say.... I believe the rich people drink WINE and are so calm and cool. " awww look my kids are playing in the street" BIG WAVE " Hi sweetheart, mommy loves you"

People like me that never DRINK or SMOKE or have ever done any kind of drugs... JUST YELL!

All jacked up mad looking " GET YOUR #$@@ OUT OF THE STREET RIGHT NOW! "

I think everyday, If I could just take up drinking heavy and maybe some " i don't give a crap" painkillers... I Could be a really COOL CALM mom! I would hear all the neighbors comment... on how sweet and wonderful I am with my kids. hahhahah

Makes you laugh doesn't it.

Just to think...back in my day we jumped on a trampoline with out NETS protecting us! OH MY!

We rode on my parents lap down the road and they let us steer the car... WITH OUT SEAT BELTS! ( OH MY GOODNESS)

Wait did my mom ever ask me around the age of 12 " What kind of wine cooler do you want?" Really loud at the liquor store? hahhaha YEP!

Come to think of it maybe she had a few beers before she said that. hahhahaha

The key to getting what you wanted from her was to ask right after she took some VALUM...

" Hey mom, I know I'm only 15 and have never drove by myself, but you don't mind if I take myself to work at WINN DIXIE do you? SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRREEE Honey go ahead she would say. COOL!!!!

I suck at being a mom. But I guess I just love the job. Even with all the rolling of the eyes from my Shelby and being ignored by my son Tristan. I'm telling you those TWINS are PERFECT! hahahahh Maybe because they haven't reached that point yet.

Okay I have said way too much on here today. Got carried away with the laughs deep down inside my big head.

If only... right?

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