Friday, September 05, 2008

Are they identical?

For the record, you can not have identical boy/girl twins. I don't know how many times a day I get asked.... " ARE THEY Identical?" ughhh NO! or " Are they twins?" Nahhhh just born on the same day. hahahhaha
Its like when ever you go out in public .. Your the freak show. Its just two babies people. For real.... its not a 2 headed baby.
We must get stopped a zillion times. It would be nice to go out one day with out getting stopped and be able to shop or do something with out a crowd.


twinmama said...

I completely feel your pain! I go through the same thing with my fraternal twin girls and they look nothing alike! The questions drive me crazy.

Thanks for following my blog! I have added you to my daily read. Take care!

Stacy said...

My twins are different sizes, so when asked if they're twins, I say no Sean is three months older than Katie. *Smile and walk away* Let them figure it out! :)